If It Ain’t Kuwaiti Don’t Bother

This was a reply to my friend @saudkh on one of his tweets.

Dr. Jaber Yousef brought Kuwaitis together in one hand and in the other hand showed how some people can be arrogant. Dr Jaber lost his life to a low life that killed him because some parking issue.

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See, we stick to this vision that as long as he is not Kuwait, it’s kind of fine. If the victim was let’s say Indian, would we make the same fuss? Let’s be real now..we won’t. We might even say expats are causing a problem in Kuwait.

Or let’s say the killer was let’s say Irani? Or Saudi? wil we react the same? Yes we will. Most probably politics and racism will take affect here and people will start blaming countries instead of individuals. Why?

Well sadly we are raised in a society where we believe that Kuwaitis do not do anything wrong. We were raised to assume things of different nationalities. We were raised that bedoons can be a problem. We took our belief and family as the most important thing and forgetting to respect others. We stereotype everyone.

Of course being raised like this is not only through the home culture (which I believe if the most important place to be educated) but media, friends, schools, political figures and recently social media.

A crime is a crime no matter what their nationality is. This gruesome murder should not pass by this easily and whoever killed Dr. Jaber should be sentenced to death in my opinion.

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  1. avatar سالم says:

    والله الصراحه السالفه كبرت زيادة عن اللزوم الله يرحمه وهذا يومه بس اشكره هذي بروبغندا سياسيه بحته ………..
    ولا الكويت فيها عنف وفيها جرايم اتصير ليش هذي كبرت زيادة عن اللزوم ؟!؟!؟! فكرو يا ناس


    avatarDecember 26th, 2012 at 00:20
    Cartman-kw Reply:

    لانها مو بس بمكان عام، بل بوسط مجمع كبير. على سبب تافه.
    بعدين يا تجيب دليل ان الموضوع كله بروبوغاندا يا اما تخلي رايك براسك و مو محتاجين مشاركتك.


  2. Anybody who reads the back page of Al-Rai always gets to see the horrific crimes that take place in Kuwait (Philipinos getting raped, Indians beaten up, Egyptians slapped, etc..) so yes…crime has been around in Kuwait for a long time…the only difference is that this one happend in the Avenues…where the upper class believed that such crimes only took place in the rural areas of Kuwait i.e. Jahra, Slaibiya, Ahmadi…But NOOO..Oh my God…our precious Avenues..how could this be!! (sarcastic)…If every crime reported in the back page of Al-Rai had any real attention…we’d all believe that we lived in the Bronx….Crime is everywhere..but it’s high time justice takes it’s real course and someone defends the “underdogs”..not that I believe in that word…but that’s how society will sadly always look at them as such… I even heard someone say “Ma yendara el libnani shino gallah…akeed sab el Kuwait”….seriously??!!


  3. Mona, you sound so spiteful for some reason I do not know. Yes, this crime is completely different BECAUSE it happened in the Avenues, and because it happened in front of families and children. The point was how could someone be so disrespectful and fearless of the law as to stab someone to death in such a public place, rather than a dark alley in Jeleeb. Open your eyes, and your mind a bit.


  4. SOS..sorry if I sounded spiteful maybe coz I’m angry….a while back…I was with my kids (a 4year old and a 2 year old) in the car getting out of my parking space at the Avenues when a bunch of guys wanted my parking spot..I took my time to put the kids in their car seats (which does require time)…I had to hear the honking and shouting…when my kids were finally buckled in…and I drove out…they still kept honking and honking and shouting…but I still took my time..(I had kids in the car!)…they got so angry that I was taking my time…they actually forgot about the parking space and raced after me…speeding in the middle of the parking lot trying to come in front of me to stop me..(meanwhile my kids are petrified and crying coz they were scared)..finally I managed to lose them on the highway…If you had a four year old and a two year old scared out of their wits because of those guys…wouldn’t you be angry? Again, sorry I missed your point..I just took the opportunity to vent..


  5. Alah yer7ama! 9ij something needs to be done about the violence, it has gotten extremely out of hand! Over the top really!


  6. Wasta is the main cause of all crimes in Kuwait if the emergency no listen to us on time think serious crimes can be handled but that’s not happening.


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