Travelling With A Toddler

Since I had Mshari, who is one year old now,I did not travel with him anywhere. Mostly because I’m a bit afraid that I wont be able to handle him on an airplane, or that the change of routine might get him to be grumpy ;-(

I see parents traveling with toddlers and even infants all the time. And when I see how fussy they get on the plane I can’t help but to be afraid of traveling with my baby honestly.

But I want to challenge my self and take the risk now that hes a bit older and more easy to handle. we might do that very soon inshalla :)

please mommy’s, do share you’re tips and advices on traveling with a toddler :eek:


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  1. I can never imagine myself traveling with a baby or a toddler … I think the best age is +4!

    Do share with us ur trip :)


  2. ehe2 ehe2 :'( that’s not very encouraging Sweara


  3. avatar Hadeel Al-Wayel says:

    I travelled with my 9 month old girl to Malaysia, and that was before she start walking, and was easier than I thought. She slept most of our flights which made it easy on us and her. And no, I didn’t give her any medication. She would get bored of waiting for something to happen I guess lol. But I got her her favoreit book and small toys to get her busy when she is not asleep. Flying is much easier than it seems. TV an toys provided by the airlines are great to keep the kids busy. Gather yourself and do it! :D If you’re so worried about it, try having a short fly trip like to Dubai for a weekend. Best of luck.


    avatarNovember 4th, 2012 at 12:51
    Her Reply:

    thanks a lot am feeling much better already :) I hope it would be as easy for me as well


  4. avatar اختج says:

    بالطيارة بالسيارة كله واحد تيك ات ايزي والله يهديه يمكن ينام لين توصلون


    avatarNovember 4th, 2012 at 12:52
    Her Reply:

    la yemkn belsyara ynam bs 6ayara madre:/


  5. if you don’t mind a father adding a comment then yes traveled with a baby (6 months old) for a total of 16 hours flight.

    Best thing to do is make the flight booking as early as possible, be sure to inform the agent/airways that you have a toddler and they are expected to be helpful in giving front row seats or at least an equally comfortable place.

    I’m not the type of father that give his kids medication to sleep during flights, I find it very wrong but it’s a choice parents themselves should take so it’s up to you.

    You may want to consider bringing good headphones with decent noise isolation for the baby and if he has an ipad or even your iphone include his favorite videos. This will be a life saver in case he decides to throw a tantrum, just try to not use it unless it’s totally needed otherwise he’ll get bored and annoy you later.

    Other than that occupy his time with snacks and some silly games. Be generous with your prayers that he sleeps during the whole taking-off and landing parts, these are the most annoying times.

    For a first time to fly with a toddler it would be best to fly somewhere close, eh? :P
    best of luck


    avatarNovember 4th, 2012 at 12:56
    Her Reply:

    I appreciate you taking the time to write the comment its nice to heart from a mans perspective. I guess it would be easier if he was less than 6 months , he would be sleeping most of the time. good idea with the ipad I already asked His to install baby games for him I hope it works. thanks a lot.


  6. avatar Blush says:

    I travelled to my home country with my daughter to attend a function with my daughter when she was 6.5 months, hamdallah she did not get cranky or fussy in the plane, she slept most of the time :). The only hard time I had carrying her here and there in the airport and from the boarding pass to the plane, since I was alone and my hubby couldn’t get leave, I had to travel with her alone, which was a very challenging experience for me since she is my first baby and I had never ever travelled alone before!
    Take this as a challenge and inshallah things will go smoothly, if your baby cries, you don’t have to get nervous, its ok, its something new for the baby and the air-hostess are always there to help :). All the best!


    avatarNovember 4th, 2012 at 13:01
    Her Reply:

    thank you for sharing your experience dear I think it is a challenge really especially in your case (traveling alone) its not easy at all.


  7. avatar Mother of toddlers says:

    I travelled to malaysia with my 8 month old and my 21 month old last year, Travelling with kids under one year is very easy but with kids above one is very very hard.My 21 month old vomitted all the way from kuwait to malaysia, my 8 month old was a gem.I had a very tough time with my older one,But now tables have turned.My older one who is 30 months old now, has sobered enough, as in if i blackmail him or bribe him, things work out well and i get things the way i want.But my little one who is 18 months old… well i have no words..i cant even sit in a gathering with him for more then 2 hours,, his tanterums are extremly loud and embarassing.I have no plans of travelling till he is 2 and a half .
    As far as advising you. keep a goodie bag while traveling with every kind of activities.keep his fav toy , blanky and books.sugary delights are always a life savers.keep plenty with you.
    Keep one thing in mind. Ur son is a baby and he will creat tantrums. if some one is having a problem with it, it is their problem not yours,
    If some one gives you a dirty look in the air craft, just ignore.


    avatarNovember 4th, 2012 at 13:08
    Her Reply:

    thank you dear for your comment Yes I think if babies are lee than one year its much easy to travel with they would sleep if they were bored I guess. problem is every baby is different. mine doesn’t like noise and crowded places so I don’t know if he would sleep. All of your comments made me feel better and ready thanks a lot.


  8. Rule number one of traveling with ANY baby and its actually the rule that I’ve seen so many parents forget about. ALWAYS be sure to get the airport early and be the first to ask the airline for a baby bassinet. These will literally save you if you’re on a long flight with a fussy baby, especially if you’re planning on taking a super long flight (we couldn’t have survived a 19 hour flight with Luli without it). They’re usually available on a first come, first serve basis so its best to get their earlier than usual so you can snag one.

    And, I haven’t tried this yet, but if the babies have started walking a good way to keep them from getting too bored and restless is to take them for a short walk up the isles. Also, pack a few of their favorite toys and be ready to relinquish your cellphone to them to keep them occupied.

    I’ve also noticed that most babies who don’t like crowds do better if they’re at a window seat cause it gives them some seclusion. Not sure about this though.

    Anyway, I’m sure you guys will be fine with little Mesho. ;) Even if he does act up a little, most people are understanding and the good thing is that flight attendants usually seat you in more open spaces and have experience with dealing with babies on planes.


    avatarNovember 11th, 2012 at 15:18
    Her Reply:

    Bassinet? The baby bed? Misho is one year old and just started walking But am not sure about taking him for a walk in the airplane though. I think its easier if the baby was 6 months. Thank you so much for the tips dear ill make sure to keep them on my mind :**


  9. avatar Farah says:

    Hi dear.. I did a flight from Kuwait to Los Angeles (with only a 2 hour stopover in Dubai) alone with my son who was 2 1/2 yrs old at the time. I won’t lie and say it is easy, but it definitely was not half as difficult as I expected. The difficult part for me was not my son, but rather making sure I didn’t have too heavy of a purse and carryon, yet managing to have enough of the necessities and getting through the airports. The most important things for me were having snacks and things to keep my son occupied. Take enough snacks that are your son’s favorites (just a few types that are easy to keep in your bag). Bring a few toys, but make sure they are easy so you aren’t looking for parts everywhere when they fall. Don’t take out toys at the same time, take out a new one at intervals, so that he doesn’t get bored with them all after 10 minutes. Ipad with baby games and movies/shows are great. I didn’t give my son any medication, but I tried to schedule the flights around his normal bed or nap time. For take off I tried to let him eat/drink something to help the ears… if your son is 1 and takes a pacifier or drinks from a baby bottle this would be a great time to let him have it. and most of all, don’t stress out. Kids pick up on our moods and it affects their’s. If you are calm and relaxed, it will help even if your son gets a little fussy. Don’t get more worried if he gets fussy and you get “looks”.. Keep calm and a smile and inshallah in a few minutes he will be fine :)



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