Kuwait’s Latest Plane

A couple of months ago I posted a photo of the new plane to be part of the Kuwait Airways fleet. Well They were testing the BBJ 7478.

Kuwait Airways has been approved to change from a government sector to a private company. Although I still feel that it’s more about management than make it private. I do see potential of changing Kuwait Airways and making it better again.

If companies such as Emirates do enter the bid, then who knows Kuwait can be a new location for transits. We can also have proper and new destinations. With a better fleet.

via Airline Reporter

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  1. that That looks like a government plane and not a commercial plane. The reason being, it is mandatory to have the company “Kuwait Airways” logo on the plane, instead it has “State of Kuwait” which means it is for government officials.


  2. avatar Beebz says:

    I heard it was the Emir’s private plane :)


  3. avatar ahmed says:

    Now they need to buy 25 more! I love how the gov buys a new plane for themselves, but let’s the nation fly in squaller. Self-serving leadership is no longer acceptable – the bar has been raised in the GCC by Sheikh Mohammed bin Al Rashid Al Maktoum.



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