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I was watching a TV show talking about Twitter in Kuwait and they had two of the twitter users. They were talking about Twitter and how it affected the Arab springs, how people are hiding behind it and the benefits of Twitter. For me, I like to search the term “Kuwait” (both in English and Arabic) and see what is going on around Kuwait. Of course once you start going from one profile to another and the things you find you understand that Twitter covers the whole of Kuwait and thus it gives you a rough idea on how Kuwait looks like.

1- Political tweeps and Political Figures

Of course with all the political fiasco going on in Kuwait, these are the ones who dominate the Kuwaiti Twitter Map. There are 3 different people, the ones with the opposition, the ones with the government and the ones who just want things to get better. Of course Every Kuwaiti is also part of this as suddenly we all know about politics. Hey it is our right after all!

2- The Religious

These are than one that talk about their own faith and belief without hurting others. They provide prayers and answers to the ones who ask. If an argument happens, these would be peaceful and talk about the differences with an open heart. They do not hate the other opinion but defend with a proper and intellectual way.

3- Sectist and Racists

These these people are a hybrid of the above. These are the ones that sit all day trying to find faults with the other side and tweet it. They find videos, pics or even a a message on a note to prove that the other side is wrong. Of course after each Tweet they claim they are not racists and they are patriotic. Yet they can’t seem to stop talking about the other opinion or belief.

4- The Open minded

These are the ones who use Twitter to rant about the community and that the people just do not understand. They provide intellectual arguments, if not they are one of those amazing artists and writers. We do not have our own Hyde park but we have Twitter. Of course these are attacked by most because some can’t handle taking an opinion.

5- The Pros

These are the people who talk about what they know best or sometimes what they ‘think’ they know best. All their tweets is about a specific topic whether it is dieting, sports, social media, PR, cooking or anything they are specialized with. Of course when two people have the same specialization some “attacks” can happen and I am sure you would enjoy that.

6- The Hookups/adult entertainers

The things people think are not found in Kuwait can be proven with Twitter. All kind of adult entertainers are now invading Twitter. Of course with the power of anonymity a 40 year old man with a middle life crisis is posing as a girl on Twitter that waits for your 10 KD of credit and the meetup. The official “sheep much”. All of the hashtags you find there are 100% illegal. Of course there are the ones who go around writing his Romeo tweets for bait. Every girl on Twitter is his fish to catch. Or that is what they think really. They try to hookup like it is Love street on Twitter.

7- The Celebrities

These are a must with Twitter, of course they do not tweet much but have followers because celebrities have followers. Of course if you get a mention from them is like winning the lottery minus the money. Now I have to say that some of them are actually interactive with their fans.

8- The Bloggers

Oh come on, I had to add this one here with all the blogs showing up. There are different types here. One, the ones that actually use their account for personal tweets.They actually engage with others and have an opinion. Secondly there is only the ones that tweet their posts and instagram pics. Interaction happens but from time to time. They can tweet one post a 100 times. So be careful.

9- The Companies

Yes, it’s like virtual branches of real life companies. Some are good and helpful, some are just there to spread their products/services and some are just there just for the heck of it. From food to banking, a mall with all it’s goods and bads.

10- The Retweeters

You know that on person that just keeps on sending you broadcasts all day and you just want to block him. Yes, that is the person on Twitter. They might not have many followers yet they retweet every single tweet on their timeline.

11- Thieves

Countries have thieves and Twitter gave them an opportunity there too. These are the ones who copy paste a tweet. Just search for a phrase the next time you are on Twitter that you saw on our timeline and see how many people tweeted it. They even copy paste a joke with the “كااااااااك”. Of course on Twitter, justice does not prevail.

Twitter provides a good look on how Kuwaitis think and don’t let anyone fool you that Twitter with its fake accounts is not helpful. What people say on Twitter is what they really think (even when they claim their account was hacked). Twitter gives a rough map and the diversity within Kuwait. I found the above, tell me if you have any others that should be included in the map.

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  1. avatar jomblolo says:

    you forgot about the “badlyatek yal 7abeeb tkfa la tkteb english l3n obo dark la 7ashima wala karama !!”


  2. LOOL loved the post .. but I can’t find which type am I in XX … you forgot about “The Chatters” :P


  3. + “The *t7l6m* ppl” …. bssss yt7l6m about everything


  4. avatar maher says:

    السلام عليكم
    سؤال لو سمحتوا في حد يقدر يشرح ويضع خارطه للتغريدة من داخل الكويت اين تذهب ومن يراقبها واين تصل



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