Teach Me How To Tweet

If you are Twitter fanatic, or at least get all your information/news from Twitter. Then you would know where this is going from the title. Before I write about it in details, I would like to share my thoughts on Twitter.

Twitter is one of the social media sites that made a huge impact on the world. It got us closer to many people and how they think. It gave us the extra space on the internet to express our feelings freely. Something really that doesn’t need to be taught. Everyone one can tweet, it’s like taking candy from a baby.

Two days back Dr Sajed Al-Abdaliy announced a new training course on how to “Tweet Professionally”. Now, with all due respect for the doctor, I am really against this. See getting easy money because unfortunately some people are easily fooled when it comes to such things. If actually people pay 150 KD for such courses, I say stop complaining about the money.

Twitter is not an educational site and to try to get benefits from it because “you think you know it” isn’t really the way to go. Having 100K followers isn’t really a true measure of your success in Twitter but most probably your success in your personal life. There are individual Twitter accounts that got famous on Twitter because they tweeted themselves and did not have to be celebrities to be exposed to the people. That is how Twitter should be used…be yourself and don’t be someone else.

That is why we wait for the west to start something and we try to “Arabize it” or get benefits from. We will never see an Arabic form of social media that the world will be using. Even ethics are thrown out the window when it comes to our side of the world and Twitter. Fake accounts to attack people, paying for retweets and tweets without believing or being credible (not even through Twitter) and lately Arabizing all the western celebs and figures. People can’t even notice the smallest “fake” accounts and they start spreading them around Twitter just for their own belief.

Just be yourself in Twitter with respect to other opinions and belief. That is the only thing you should know about tweeting.

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  1. Just one word, Plagiarism! Bs that’s it enough said :P


  2. I agree, this is a rip off, what do you mean by teaching poeple how to tweet !!!!!


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