Podee Baby Bottle

a while ago I received a bc about this baby bottle. me and my sister were discussing the fact that no one came up with an idea or an invention that allows babies to drink milk on their on specially babies that cant hold their bottles yet and when I saw this I thought I should give it a try I ordered it …


it took me a while to decide to open the box and try it. I first did when I went to the mall with Mshari so that he could have his milk while  in his stroller without me stopping to feed him and it worked! but at the beginning it was a bit strange for him he was playing wth it instead but once he got hungry he started sucking…

also there was the problem of the long straw inside the bottle , it was sticking in the bottom of the bottle which made it hard for him to suck the milk but I solved that problem by cutting it a little at the end..

great invention and suitable for mommies with twins too!

its great to find such inventions to make our life a bit easier …

I got it from The Baby Wings for 8KD

Phone: 94972210

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  1. avatar Ummfaisal says:

    As a mother to 6, including 7 month old twins, I think that this product is horrible. Not only does it not allow bonding with your child, allowing the baby to drink while not being held properly can lead to colic, ear infections, choking and other issues. Our babies are small for a short time and although it can be exhausting and sometimes a headache, taking the time out to hold, cuddle and feed our children properly whether by breast or bottle, it is the bet thing we can do for them. I don’t see the need for this product. If a baby can’t hold their own bottle, they shouldn’t have to.


  2. I’m with UmFaisal on this, it’s absolutely not necessary.
    We are blessed with these babies and should treat them as little miracles. Personally I find that the best time with my wee munchkins was when I was feeding them, as UmFaisal said ‘it’s a criticial time for bonding’.
    It’s just takes fifteen minutes in a coffee shop in a mall to feed your little one, cherish these moments while you can, he will be up on his feet and saying no no no before you know it!


  3. hello ladies, I’d like to mention that I love my baby and enjoy feeding him as much as you guys do and of course he wouldn’t be laying back when he is being fed so that he wouldn’t chock or have any ear infection all moms know that for sure! and he wouldn’t be feeding without supervision.
    I don’t go every day to the mall for sure I don’t see the harm in making the trip a bit easier and for the bonding part el7emdella I got a great one with my baby I’m not using it every day for every meal.

    thanks for sharing your opinions even thought I disagree


  4. avatar Ummfaisal says:

    Hi Her!
    I didn’t mean to imply you don’t love your baby or anything, I just think if he can be supervised while using this product, why not just take him out and feed him? It doesn’t really take a lot of time and can’t seriously affect the shopping experience much or make it significantly easier. I never get out since I had the twins but I did manage to go to the mall once, I exclusively breast feed and did in the mall, it takes twice as long to nurse 2 babies separately but it can be done. I feel strongly against this product as I just feel it’s something that can give parents false security and it inhibites the natural way a baby should be held while feeding, but that’s just my humble opinion. Good luck with everything and welcome to motherhood!


  5. avatar Unnasser says:

    Sorrt but- hello????SAFETY?
    What happens if baby chokes while you are off doing your work out?


  6. avatar Unnasser says:

    Unfortunately it’s another typical Dalooa thing which will catch on here- absolutely ridiculous- say no more


  7. avatar UmLatifah says:

    Thank God I came across this! very useful, I ordered one for my 9 month old, definitely made life easier.
    Thanks for the post.


    avatarApril 11th, 2012 at 11:15
    Her Reply:

    your welcome dear


  8. avatar Na3nooo3 says:

    Amazing! My son had an issue with drinking while laying down, this would have been “medically” useful for him. Also my outings did not exceed 1-2 hrs, so i had to stop for 45 mins to feed him, and didn’t have much time to shop! ;D

    Thanks for the post!


    avatarApril 11th, 2012 at 11:17
    Her Reply:

    me too I used to hate going out some times but its only a matter of time he’ll grow up in no time and it will get easier :)


  9. avatar Jetkat says:

    Where was this product when we needed it last year!? We had triplets and that would have been a time saver for us. Great find for future mothers of multiples


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