Cooking Class At @chef_boutique

Basma from 13 Cups organized a bloggers cooking class at Chef Boutique. After voting, we have chosen the Italian cuisine to be part of the class.

The place can handle up to 12 people (if you book a group of 8 then it will be all yours). The owners (Olga and Victor) had all the ingredients ready for us to start cooking. Our chef was the chef in Al Dante restaurant in Movenpick Free Trade Zone.

They showed us how to prepare and cook. We also had our own recipes on each station. Our dishes were The Eggplant, goat cheese pesto Salad and the Chicken Pesto Pasta.

Can you guess which is Hers and which is His?

We got to taste our own creation and we must say that it was perfect (how can we say it was bad :P). Of course we had some creative bloggers out there. It was like Masterchef Kuwait and the competitors were:

• Q8 Rain
• Lady B
• Basma 13 Cups
• Halloum
• Froyonation
• Triple F
• 360 Dewan
• Q8 Stig
• His & Hers

Chef Boutique has different cuisines every day so you can find the schedule/contact/location on their website.

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  1. Looks delicious, I haven’t stepped into a kitchen to cook in a very very long time hehe!

    Glad you guys had fun!


  2. You guys already know how to cook! not fair :p


  3. avatar Na3nooo3 says:

    Tried the Dessert and Cake class! fun fun fun!


    avatarJanuary 2nd, 2012 at 02:39
    Mina Reply:

    What kind of desserts did they teach at the class?


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