Laugh For Life: The Aftershock (@LaughForLifeQ8)

I am still laughing at the jokes I heard today. I love stand up comedy and this one was amazing !! 2 hours just laughing like hell.

It started with Mohammed Aqua starting the show. All I can say “Qaweeeeyaaaaa….”. He then introduced Hoda, who I found out is the blogger “Hoda At Work” that we wrote about last summer.

Then the trio Mohammed, Bashar and Ahmad took the stage with some really fun sketches. Let’s not forget taking some hits at the crowd

An educational part by Naif Al-Mutawa that talked about laughter and psychology. He did it in a funny yet interesting speech.

The Finale, well none other than Fahad Al-Butairi ended the show with a bang. Not once did we stop laughing during his part.

Mohammed aqua finished the show with his song “Moshkela Moshkela”.

A job well done by Bibi Al-Sabah,Shaikha Al othman and Dana Al Ghawas who made this event one of a kind. I hope to see more of these shows in Kuwait because we really need to Laugh For Life. All participants made this event the best show I have seen in Kuwait.

Thank you all :) and it was nice meeting everyone (tweeps and bloggers).

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  1. The way you talk about it makes me wish I was there. Now I feel that I missed it :(


  2. avatar Guest says:

    Great post! Very well written. Just a small detail: Shaikha Al othman and Dana Al Ghawas were working equaly with Sheikha Bibi Al-Sabah


  3. Thank you Guest I was trying to remember the names. I updated it :)


    avatarMay 19th, 2011 at 23:56
    Guest Reply:

    Great thank you for giving credit to where credit is due!:D


  4. avatar Mohammad says:

    It was a great night, all the comedies were superb!

    I hope we see more nights like this in Kuwait, thanks for posting about this guys!


    avatarMay 20th, 2011 at 13:40
    His Reply:

    Yes, we really need more of these events. With even a bigger crowd !

    Welcome :)


  5. avatar Guest says:

    Were you the guy that raised your camera when the comedians asked the guys to raise their hands?


    avatarMay 20th, 2011 at 13:55
    His Reply:

    lol no, I was in the row behind him :P


  6. avatar mohammed aqua says:

    thank you for the great post :) and thanks for being there.
    of course dana al ghawas and shaikha al othman did an outstanding job and shaikha bibi al sabah . well planned in short time line .


    avatarMay 20th, 2011 at 17:07
    Mohammad Reply:

    Mohammad Aqua plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz release a rap album!!!!!!!!


  7. الحين خليتني أتحسف إني ما رحت :(


  8. Dr. Naif always knows how to make you listen & enjoy listening.



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