Being Sued For A Review

By now you should’ve heard that Benihana is suing Mark from 248am. Why? because he wrote a negative review about the restaurant and he had his own views.

I have been blogging for ages, I just hate it when a company can’t handle criticism. Now a few months back, Her wrote a review about Q8Flowers, did they sue?  No, they had a great owner who called us personally and asked us about what was wrong and what problems we encountered. He also defended himself and we had new information about what has happened.

This is what I call a successful company, knowing what problems are facing the customer and people working to make them work!

As for reviews, in the US or UK, there are food critics. They will say the truth and they are feared from the top restaurants. They see what they see is good or bad. Mark wrote a post and talked about his experience. Maybe mark is one of the top blogs in Kuwait but I don’t think he would change the mind of 3 Million people not to go to there. He has his rights for his views, everyone does!

To read the post (and the GM comments) Click Here

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  1. كلام سليم ومضبوط مية المية

    قرأت تعليق المدير العام عندما قال لمارك : أنت لبناني ؟

    وكأن هذا المدير العام (الغير كويتي) يريد أن يتحكم بدولتنا

    وشنو يعني اذا اهو مو كويتي ؟

    من حقهم القضاء ومن حق مارك أن يتحدث عن وجهة نظره

    راح تكون عكسية عليهم هذا السالفة

    وأتوقع أن القضاء راح ينصف مارك


  2. lol

    with all due respect: mark is (not) a food critic


  3. Frankom:

    True, his comment was not professional at all.


    I am not saying he is, but he just pointed his view. I don’t see critics found in Kuwait really.


  4. I don’t agree with Benihana suing him for those purposes, but like they say:

    “With great power, comes great responsibility.”
    Whether they like it or not.

    And part of that responsibility is to be FAIR and JUST. I personally feel he shouldn’t have immediately given such a horrible and negative public review the first few days of their opening. He should have given his feedback to management first, THEN write about it later if mgmt didn’t listen to his opinions.


  5. i think Benihana are very unprofessional. They should work on providing better food for there customers, not suing those who dont like the crap they are given.

    I understand benihanas rite u sue, just like i understand marks right to critique. It just makes benihana seem very very fragile and unprofessional


  6. OMG…thats bad….this is very very very sad… 248am is one of the blogs i use to read from my school days…i love his reviews…his reviews can be a bit harsh at times but that’s how he writes..
    my blog is only n only about food reviews… we all have the right to express what we feel and let our fellow bloggers and readers know about our experience!!! we have hotel reviews as well… the Benihana’s management is very unprofessional!! they should concentrate on getting better reviews…the only thing they will benefit out of this is negitive publicity!!


  7. That’s really funny :D

    ya gema3a before anything .. sheno ely yathbet ena servo hatha madry shesma 9ij el GM mal Binhana?!!

    kalama mo kalam wa7ed fahem kelesh!! .. o shakla dash esawy film bs!!

    ya3ny lo mark mathalan 3agba el akel o gaal bel review ena el akel 7elow o ena a7la mn Maki o Wasabi!! ra7 yetkalam Servo?!

    9ij embayen ena ma yeftehem shay .. 6ool 3omorna ensawy reviews o ekon 3endena reference nasned 3aleeh .. ya3ny enqaren feeh .. etha ma7al yeded o ma7ad emgarba .. shlon bashra7 7ag el awadem sheno 6a3ma!! Huh!


  8. avatar chaoticposha says:

    HUH? NOW WE GET SUED because we say what we think about food? GET THE HELL OUTTA HERE! LOL you obviously did not see what bloggers say about political matters? Mr. manager of Benihana! WE ARE FREE TO SAY WHAT WE LIKE!

    I read Mark’s review and it has nothing wrong with it at all!

    Binhana ppl u better stop this %#@%! its not good for u!! Here in Kuwait we have the right to say whatever we like even if ur non kuwaiti!

    Usually when i read a negative review about a restaurant i actually go and try it out myself but with the manager’s stupid responses to mark i would never ever go! how unprofessional! how silly! go get ur food cooked instead of annoying bloggers!

    Everyone is a food critic everyone has the right to say what he/she thinks about what they eat!!

    Ive seen worse reviews about some restaurants in many blogs but i’ve never ever seen such stupid comments from the workers of the restaurants! HAHAHA! they think ppl are stupid here?

    Mark keep going ur doing a great job and the sue case will back fire at them. Keep us updated hishersq8 Thanks!

    Damn narfzony.. X(


  9. Dear almutairy who owns benihana if u were a man enough let us talk to u to let u know how unprofessional u r and ur company
    I stated my name cuz i want you to know that i went to benihanna and its terrible and a horible review is coming ur way from dont forget to sue me and i will be waiting , believe me ur restaurant is so terrible and everyone knows it :) and if u want i can come and tell it to ur face in benihanna :)


  10. avatar CrazYKiLLeR says:

    He called himself the GM of the company ! Wow … It ain’t April fools day buddy, get a life, people have many different opinions and you’ve already shown what your company is made out of!


  11. avatar restoleaks says:

    I ate at Benihana’s yesterday despite reading Mark’s comments…. I thought he might be biased and wanted to give Benihana a chance… I only ate several types of sushi and maki and sashimi… it reminded me of new year’s eve 08/09 when i got drunk and ate my own vomit after seeing a dog eating it…. anyways i ended up vomited that as well and only Dally’s pudding could take that awful taste out of my mouth…. I ended up having diarrhea afterwards… I also wonder why Servo assumed Mark was Lebanese, why is he being so racist? Also I had to bring with me a protective shield to the restaurant in fear of having the chef’s night slip out and cut my fingers and infect me with HIV…
    P.S although sushi is supposed to be an aphrodisiac my friend completely lost her appetite and won’t see me again! thanks mike do you know how hard it is to get laid in kuwait?


  12. That sucks! Instead of suing Mark they should have asked his opinion on how to improve their restraunt. What are they going to do? sue everyone who doesnt like their food?


  13. La7ol


  14. umbaaaaaaaaih!!! mu min9ijhum!!! :worried: ya3nii jad?! mi salfa hathi! awal mara asma3 chithi! :-| 6areqt’hum hathi chinhum mu wathqeeen min ro7hum! o e7asboon ay a7ad!


  15. Thank you everyone for your support. I still can’t believe they actually went ahead with this lawsuit, it’s ridiculous!


  16. makeeen jad maskeeen!!! i agree with his review! didn’t enjoy my experience there! mo 9ij! ma sawa shay bas 3ashan a food review! that makes me dislike them even more!


  17. Unless mark did his some alterations on MR. Servo reply, then I don’t think mark did anything wrong! His review was fair and honestly I went there again with some friends a few weeks ago and I still don’t recommend the place. It was even worse than my first experience back when I newly opened to the public. The food quality has gone down.

    The GM actions ( thats if he is really the general manager) were very improfessional! The only thing that might stop me from going to the restaurant after reading marks review was him. I would be affected more by an improfessional manager threatening a “Blogger” because of a negative review rather than the review itself!

    Besides are they really that bad and unsure of the service they’re offering that a single negative review on a BLOG brings so much damage to them?


  18. avatar dalal says:

    benihana very very sad to see them act the way they are! unprofessional and low class! I am not a blogger but i urge bloggers to go to court with mark in protest against benihana and for freedom of speech! ekh i am really disgusted by benihanna and i never went to benihana and after the GM comment on marks blogs i refuse to go to such a disrespectful place! and when people even mention benihanna you know what i say i tell them how unprofessional they are and racist and rude … and all that from the GM reply and NOT form marks review.. he is entitled to his opinion and everyone has their own taste in food… my husband loves “a restaurant” and i hate it and i might love “a restaurant” that my husband might hate.. so its not about the review its about the unprofessional and childish ways of how this restaurant Benihana handled the situation that put me off! seriously benihana ownwer/gm/all of their staff whatever .. GROW UP! walla fashla oo fashaltoona ib tasarifkom il khair la2iq :poke:


  19. This is so ridiculous. This restaurant is so outdated, they just introduced the franchise to Kuwait over a decade later, and they expect everyone to love it? And when the restaurant’s performance becomes so poor because the food is horrible, it’s Mark’s fault? Suing a blogger for writing an honest an negative personal review will not make your restaurant any better.

    The only thing on Mark’s blog post that would be up for lawsuit anywhere else in the world is Mike Servo’s comment about Mark’s nationality.

    I urge everyone to boycott all their restaurants. I know I will.


  20. So Mark did they actually went ahead with the lawsuit ????? Till i read your comment i was like this could not be possible and thinking that this servo guy is just somebody acting funny !


  21. I own a restaurant and if any customer makes such a comment i will make sure i correct my mistakes, invite Mark for a free meal, and apologize….What was the GM of Benihana thinking…he is defiantly not fit for the job, if he was a GM in my company he is fired way back……way to go Mark, don’t worry….keep up the good work. Haha asking him if he is Lebanese, maybe he was trying to narrow down his search for Mark lol it is as narrow as his thinking…..


  22. avatar abdulrahman almutairi says:

    dear essa behbihani ,
    i read your comment and you want to contact me .
    my phone number is 99333355
    call me any time ,i am available
    thanks ,and have a good day


  23. avatar Basil Alsalem says:

    Dear Abdulrahman Almutairi,

    I hope this finds you well. I am a restaurateur as well and wish you all the best with your ventures. However when it comes to this matter, I am a strong beleiver that people’s opinions are really important to build your business whether good or bad. I believe Mark was expressing his personal opinion of a single experience at Benihana. There was no evidence of him trying to defame your restaurant at all. If anything it could be an opportunity for you to fix a minor problem and get better results in return. I think your management over reacted to his review and it backfired in a way that you do not wish to happen. I hope you seriously think about retracting the law suit as this is in the best interest of everyone. I would be more than glad to sit down with you and sort this out amicably.



  24. avatar abdulrahman almutairi says:

    dear basil ,
    i read your comments on tweeter earlier,and i respect that you care for him because of his good reviews to you ,and his wife designed your menu and etc. ;however,its not about freedom of speech ,its way far .i cant talk further because its illegal.
    you, as a Kuwaiti must respect the law of Kuwait .the law of Kuwait is always correct 100 % .
    so, whats the panic ,the management didnt do anything bad .i am confident that what the management did is the most civilized way to deal with the situation .
    our company has been in business for more than 20 years with an extreme success ,day by day .we are continuing to do so ,because we love our customers too much .
    you mentioned ´backfired´ ,which was not the case ,our benihana is allways full ,you can go and check for youe self .
    finally ,i dont really like any person to act on behalf of the judge ,i want every one to have faith on the law of kuwait ,as i do .


  25. avatar Jynxy says:

    It seems like anyone associated with this business has NO pr skills. Maybe it is time for you to go work in the kitchen and scrubs some pots. Have someone throw a few things back at you and tell you they are not washed good enough… Realize that criticisim to anyone, the little peon and the entire business, is the same. A chance for improvement.

    Abdulrahman, I would suggest you stop being an ahole, put your big girl panties on, decide that negative feedback just that, and try to make you company the best you can. You are wasting your time, energy, and pissing off a whole lot of people for absolutly nothing! Regardless of you saying your business is full, this type of response just makes you look like even bigger prick that you are not acknowledging that a whole lot of people are irritated with this. Really, you should just avoid speaking because it seems you do not have the ability to relate to most people and be civil and diplomatic.


  26. avatar Basil Alsalem says:

    Dear Abdulrahman,

    Thanks for the prompt reply. I’m not hiding the fact that I know Mark and Nat on a personal and proffessional level. It is because I do, I know there is no ill intent. I’ll leave it to that.

    Since your restaurant is full, and I wish you all the best at that, it seems that his review didn’t dent your business a bit, so why this whole fiasco ? Just a thought.

    I trust Kuwait’s courts will take the right course in any case :)

    Good Luck


  27. avatar abdulrahman almutairi says:

    Dear basil
    Have a great week end , to you and your family


  28. avatar abdulrahman almutairi says:

    dear essa behbihani ,
    i have not received any reply from your side .i am waiting for your call or i can come to your point of sale .just reply with your available timing .
    best regards

    abdulrahman almutairi


  29. avatar abdulrahman almutairi says:

    dear essa behbihani ,
    you didn’t reply to my comments above .
    we respect your comments and assessments to our restaurants .we in benihana value our costumers allot .trying to give them the maximum satisfaction
    however ,i want to ask you
    ,do own a food business ?
    do you have a restaurant just opened ?
    do you know him and his wife in a personal and professional level ?’
    ‘´if you are a man ´ answer my question .please allow me of using your own words .


  30. Dear abdulrahman
    Sorry ivebeen busy the past days
    According o what i hve to say to you its already been said above
    Dont need to talk to u and explain anything cuz all kuwait and internationally people explained to you whats wrog
    And to answer ur questions i wana ask you something
    Do u ever made a business from scratch and franchised it all over gulf reigon and middle east?
    Do u own a catering company?
    And the list can go on and on , try to know exactly what do i have before asking

    I know mark and hos wife on a proffesional and personal level and i know they never had any intention against u or anyone , thats why everyone is defending them also

    Wish u all the best and full benihana always


  31. avatar abdulrahman almutairi says:

    dear essa ,
    the only reason i was sending you comments is because of the hard words you used against me ,so
    i was worried ,i have kids to raise :)
    you being a franchiser is something i am proud of , and all Kuwaities as well ;however because you own a restaurent ,this makes you in direct competition with benihana resturant ,which you said wrote negative comments about .i just think that such a professional person like you wouldn’t do such a thing.
    as for him and his wife ,i dont have anything personal against them ,and i hope one day we will be friends ,my family and there family ;however, he has a commercial blog where companies advertise in the blog ,and he gets paid for that ,and these companies are not revued at all by him.he is not a customer to me .i think i have a point here ,so i filed that case .
    filing a case DOESNOT mean a negative thing or an insult to him at all .i respect him and his family .
    the law in Kuwait is always fair .
    as for benihana, benihana is the largest japanese resturant chain in the world ,providing a high end Japanese dishes to there valuable customers .benihana Kuwait is newly opened in the avenues phase 2 ,has a great interior design ,designed by chris architects ,New York .is the high class Japanese cuisine.everybody ,try our food ,you will love it .
    thanks for posting my comments without deleting or editing .



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